Container courgettes

There are an increasing number of great varieties of courgettes these days that are bred specifically to be grown in containers. Some examples are Parador (which is also a lovely yellow variety of courgette), Patio Star and Midnight. Last weekend, I planted a Patio Star and a Midnight in 30 litre pots. We've grown these... Continue Reading →

Go Go Gogorez – Potting on the Peppers

  **From 20th April 2018** ...Better late than never with this post! Despite the overly enthusiastic title of this post, peppers really aren't the quickest growers. These were sown back in February, and some two months later they are ready to be potted on. Step 1. As you can see above, the 6 peppers were... Continue Reading →

It’s amazing how fast everything grows when the weather is nice!

The radishes which we sowed on Monday had already germinated by Wednesday! You can see that today they have all germinated and have got their first two true leaves. The potato has also had a growth spurt, almost doubling the amount of haulm from this time last week! The other salad vegetables and runner beans... Continue Reading →

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