Container courgettes are now planted out

We sowed our main sowing of courgettes for containers on 26 April. These were planted outside in their containers on 24 May, so they don't take long really! As a reminder, we have a Midnight and a Sunstripe in this sowing. As with our other planting out in containers, we make a hold just larger than the pot the... Continue Reading →

Container courgette progress

As a reminder, the two varieties we're growing in our main sowing of courgettes for containers are Midnight and Sunstripe. Both are designed to be grown in containers, but one is green and one is yellow! This is what the plants look like now. And weirdly enough, even though the Sunstripe that we originally sowed didn't germinate so we had... Continue Reading →

Chris and his Charisma… Charisma Carrots!

There's not too much I'm overly confident in growing, but Charisma Carrots are something I grew last year, and they are sown, grown and harvested in the same single tub - so in many ways there's only a handful of mistakes I could possibly make! Last year, I was fortunate enough to pinch the soil/compost... Continue Reading →

Moving the early container courgettes outside

Our early sowing of courgettes that we are growing in containers have been growing on along the pathway of the polytunnel to try and get them to crop a bit earlier. After a couple of weeks of slow growth (which always seems to be the same with courgettes!) they've started growing more steadily over the... Continue Reading →

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