Growing our own…tapas!

We are both quite into our food. Any excuse and we spend hours rustling up something for dinner. One of our favourite easy starters/meals is antipasti. And then last year, we discovered Padrons! They are best fried in a little oil until they blister and then sprinkled with some sea salt - delicious!! So this... Continue Reading →

The National Vegetable Society

On what was a miserable looking Sunday afternoon, it was perhaps best to be indoors rather than out!  Emily and her family are members of the National Vegetable Society (NVS), and their knowledge of and passion for growing means they all play a key part in making the society what it is. I've also been... Continue Reading →

Quick courgettes

Despite only being sown last Monday (2 April), the Midnight courgettes were the first to germinate and so were ready to prick out today. It's important to get the right balance when pricking out seedlings - not too soon so you end up inadvertently damaging the tiny seedlings during transplanting but not leaving them too long so... Continue Reading →

It doesn’t take long to see progress…

As you can see from the photo, the Boston beetroot seeds we sowed last weekend have already germinated. Therefore, the newspaper and sheet of glass can now be removed to enable them to grow upright and benefit from the light. As we mentioned in the last article, beetroot seeds are often pocketed with more than... Continue Reading →

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