Sowing some tomatoes for 2022

After growing over ten varieties of tomatoes last year, we are trying to keep numbers down this year. We'll probably still grow the same overall number of plants, but grow more than one of the varieties we really like rather than one of lots of different varieties. That being said, on a first sweep of... Continue Reading →

More success with the Little Gem lettuces the second time round!

We're going to assume that we were right about the first packet of Little Gem seeds no longer being viable, as we sowed these ones in exactly the same way and the germination rate (as you can see!) is much, much better! Therefore last weekend, we pricked the seedlings out into the below cell tray... Continue Reading →

An update on 2022 progress so far

Over the past couple of weeks, we've been sowing a number of different seeds. Therefore, we thought we'd provide an update on where they're all at now. First up, we have the Tasty King cucumbers. They're growing on quite well in their 3" pots and are starting to form their first true leaves. As we... Continue Reading →

Sowing small onions

We started off some Santero and Red Baron onions last weekend. Neither are new varieties to us, in fact, they're firm favourites. And we're hoping that these will produce some small onions (around 8-10oz each) by the time we come to harvest. The benefit of Santero is that it's downy mildew resistant too. So if... Continue Reading →

Pricking out the Tasty King cucumbers

Last weekend, our Tasty King cucumbers needed pricking out. Firstly we prepared the pots. These are 3" square pots which we half filled with multipurpose compost. An addition we made to the compost was perlite. This can be added to compost to improve drainage as perlite is very porous and can soak up excess water.... Continue Reading →

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