Taking cucumber cuttings to grow more plants

It’s always a good idea to have successional sowings of the various vegetables you grow to length their harvest period. Therefore, we would always recommend sowing little but often. However, you don’t always have to start again from seed. Instead, you can take cuttings from the existing plant and root these.

Cucumbers are an example of one type of crop which this can be done with. You allow a side shoot to grow to about 6 inches (instead of nipping them off when they’re small as you usually would), and then carefully cut it off with a knife without damaging the existing plant. You should then put the cutting in a container of cold water to encourage root growth.


After a week or so, roots should appear from the stem. Make sure to replace the water in the container every day or so to prevent it becoming stagnant. If this occurs, the cucumber stems (which are still delicate) are likely to rot off.

This plant is one taken from one of our Passandra mini cucumbers a couple of weeks ago which has now been potted up. Once big enough, we’ll plant it out.



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    1. Hi – we haven’t, we’ve only grown cucumbers from seed so far. However, Dad has grown cucumber plants from side shoots before and it seems to be quite successful. I’m not sure we’ve ever noticed a difference in yield between the two though. Have you had any experience of it?


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