Growing Yellow Mimi Tomatoes (Chris’s Attempt)

As mentioned by Emily in an earlier blog post, I have also been having a go at growing tomatoes this year – although only one variety… Mimi are small ‘cherry’ like tomato, except they are yellow!

It’ll be interesting to see how mine differ from Emily’s, but I’m largely following her advice, so I know who to blame if anything goes wrong…!

We only have limited space in our garden, and coupled with the fact that there were only a handful of seeds in the packet, I didn’t even need to use all of the cell tray below! I found what I could in the shed, and then used newspaper to fill the unused half of the tray – otherwise we’d just be wasting priceless compost.

The Mimi seedlings were coming through after only a week or so.

To sow the tomatoes, I filled up the above cell tray with multi-purpose compost and then gave it a good watering. I then took 8 ‘Mimi’ seeds and pushed them a little under the surface of the compost, before sieving more fine compost over the top (and giving it another very careful spraying of water!).

As you can see in the first photo, they were already coming through a week later. I had sown them in nice ‘2 x 4’ lines, but, they obviously didn’t stay put…

It seems impossible to escape weeds in whatever I sow. I blame the compost…!

Not bad though, you can see the lines that were intended!

Unfortunately only 7 of the 8 seeds came up, despite the weed pretending to be one, which fooled me for a couple of days! 😦

I let them grow in the cell tray for a couple of weeks longer (after removing the weed!), and then pricked them out into individual larger cells – as you can see just above.

To do this, I filled the 7 cells with compost, pushed the compost down gently and then topped them up. As a reminder, this is so the cell stays compact with compost, giving their roots the best chance of taking hold. I assume it also helps the plants stay more upright too, because if the compost wasn’t compacted down and topped up, there would only be two thirds full after a few days of watering!

Roughly 2 weeks further down the line, and they are starting to look like tomatoes. At least in my opinion anyway! I continued to water them daily, but only a little drink at the base – their leaves don’t want to be drenched too much, if possible.

Another week later, and we’re up to the present. 7 has become 4, as 3 of my Mimi’s have been given to my sister… but the remaining 4 are looking healthy, and will soon be planted out to their ‘final resting place’ – of sorts!


Until then – enjoy the sunshine, and I hope your hayfever isn’t as bad as mine!!!


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