Sunny spring evenings are the best!

Once we start to get a few warmer days, it doesn’t take things in the garden long to really get going! Here’s a quick update on where some of the seeds we sowed a couple of weeks ago have got to over the last week or so…

The herbs we sowed were ready to be pricked out earlier last week, as were the cucurbits. The herb seedlings were pricked out into 60 cell trays (as the seedlings are smaller and more delicate) and the cucurbits were pricked out into c.3 inch pots.

It’s important to pick the right size pot for your vegetable plants. A pot that is too small will stunt the plants growth, whereas a pot too large will overwhelm the tiny seedling and have an equally detrimental effect. If in doubt, always plump for a smaller pot/cell tray as this will possibly just mean one extra transplant before its final planting!

It’s also incredible how fast the beetroot grow. This is them on 11 April and then again today – they’ve pretty much trebled in size!!

The carrots we cored holes and sowed a couple of weeks ago are also well on their way now. As you can see, the seeds have all germinated, and these will be ready to thin out to one carrot per borehole shortly.





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