DT Brown seed trial update

We thoughts we'd do a quick update on the various varieties we are trying as part of the National Vegetable Society DT Brown seed trial. The Prizewinner runner beans germinated and were ready to be planted out in a couple of weeks. We have commandeered an old container from Mum and Dad's to grow them... Continue Reading →

DT Brown seed trial

As we've mentioned before, we are members of the National Vegetable Society ("NVS"). As part of our membership this year, we have volunteered to trial some seeds for one of the Society's sponsors, DT Brown. We thought we'd use our blog to keep you updated on how we're getting on with the varieties we're trying.... Continue Reading →

Our first runner bean harvest

We harvested our first crop of runner beans this weekend. It was only 12oz worth, but the first harvest is always the best! As you can see from the photos, pollination has been good, and we haven't suffered from too many flowers dropping off, so there are lots and lots of runner beans coming along.... Continue Reading →

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