DT Brown seed trial update

We thoughts we’d do a quick update on the various varieties we are trying as part of the National Vegetable Society DT Brown seed trial.

The Prizewinner runner beans germinated and were ready to be planted out in a couple of weeks. We have commandeered an old container from Mum and Dad’s to grow them in as there wasn’t space in our raised bed. We have planted the runner beans out with bamboo canes to support in a wig wam and are keeping them regularly watered. We are also having to spray them regularly with soapy water at the moment to try and keep the black fly at bay. Fingers crossed that infestation passes sooner rather than later!

The celeriac are now pricked out into cells and will grow on in these until they are ready to be potted on/planted out. Celeriac isn’t something we’ve grown before, so we’re not too sure on the length of time they’ll take, but they seem happy enough for now where they are.

The two varieties of spinach are also growing well in their pots. One is red veined which creates a little bit of interest although both are looking very bright green at the moment so hopefully it stays that way.

The Topweight Improved carrots germinated a little sporadically, but there are definitely some there that we can give a try.

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