DT Brown seed trial

As we’ve mentioned before, we are members of the National Vegetable Society (“NVS”). As part of our membership this year, we have volunteered to trial some seeds for one of the Society’s sponsors, DT Brown. We thought we’d use our blog to keep you updated on how we’re getting on with the varieties we’re trying.

Runner beans

First up we have the Prizewinner runner beans. We sowed these in cell trays and then covered with newspaper. We’ll keep you updated as these germinate.


Next up, we have two varieties of spinach, Monteray and Rubino. One is supposed to have green leaves and one is supposed to have red veins – we’ll have to wait and see!

We sowed these directly in two small pots filled with multipurpose compost. We spaced the seeds around the pot and then gently pushed them into the compost slightly. After this, we covered with a layer of fine compost to exclude the light.


Last up for now, we have the Topweight Improved carrots. As with the spinach, we have sown these straight in a container, in this case, a 30 litre pot. We filled with vermiculite, spaced the seeds around the pot and then covered with vermiculture.

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