2019 sowing planner

As promised, we have now put some suggested (hopeful!) dates to all the things we are looking to grow this year!

We have set this out below – so let’s see how closely we manage to stick to it!

Already sown/planted

  • Early Potatoes – Red Duke of York/Charlotte – 26/01/19
  • Chill pepper – Machu Picchu – 16/02/19
  • Romanesco – Navona – 17/02/19
  • Purple Cauliflower – Graffiti – 17/02/19

Still to come…!

  • Spring Onion – Guardsman – mid-March
  • Chard – Fantasia/Intense – mid-end March
  • Kohl Rabi – Purple Delicacy – end of March
  • Radish – Rougette (and other salad goodies!) – beginning of April
  • Sweetcorn – Earliking – mid-April
  • Maincrop potatoes – mid-April

2 thoughts on “2019 sowing planner

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  1. Good to see some planting dates. Looking to grow sweet corn for showing (Golden Lion), any idea how long it takes from sowing to a mature show cob please? Many thanks.


    1. Hi Edward – sweetcorn aren’t the fastest of growers! We haven’t grown that variety ourselves, but it will be September time before you can harvest if you sow now. Sweetcorn don’t like the frost so be careful not to lose them to that. When a sweetcorn grows it will get a tassel out of the end of the cob. When this starts to go brown and die back, the cob should be ready.


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