The beefsteak tomatoes are here!

We had a little look in the greenhouse at the weekend, and to our surprise the beefsteak tomatoes we’ve got growing in there have all got some fruits set. It’s amazing how quickly the vegetables grow at this time of year, as there was nothing to be seen a week ago, just the flowers!

We’re growing four varieties this year, three of which are new to us. We’ve included photos of each below. From left to right at the top: Big Beef, Megabyte and Brandy Boy. And then the larger photo at the bottom is Borsalina. We’re super excited to see these grow bigger and then eventually ripen!

The tomatoes we’ve got growing outside are also starting to set fruit. We’ll give an update on all the wonderful shapes and sizes of those that we’ve got on the way in a future post.

In the meantime, we’ll keep them fed and watered. As they’ve now started setting fruit, we have switched from a high nitrogen to high potash liquid feed a couple of times a week. We’re also making sure they’re tied up to their canes for support and that any side shoots are pinched out.

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