The summer harvest continues

We had a very colourful harvest one day last week: cucumber, courgettes, tomatoes and strawberries! It’s all worth it when you get to harvest some lovely homegrown fruit/veg and eat them!

First up we’ve got a Tasty King cucumber. Although the plant still isn’t that strong, it’s producing some half decent little cucumbers. They’re certainly big enough for the two of us. Fingers crossed now we’ve taken this one off the plant will have a chance to grow a bit stronger before it starts feeding another cucumber!

Next up we’ve got our first tomatoes of 2021! These are the Mimi variety that we sowed a bit earlier than our other plants and have had growing on in the greenhouse. They are super sweet to eat and we’re very much looking forward to sampling them in a salad!

The courgettes are starting to pick up now. As you’ll see from the photo, some of the later sowing of plants are not producing full sized courgettes yet, but the plants are really starting to get established now so it won’t be long. By comparison, the Midnight plants which were sown much earlier are in full swing now, producing a courgette near enough every other day.

Last up we’ve got some more strawberries. We only had space for a few plants, so we don’t get a huge harvest each time there are some ripe enough to pick. However, it’s still great to have some that are homegrown! We also find that you have to pick them as soon as they look ripe enough otherwise you have to share your crop with slugs and ants!

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