Anyone else got a glut of courgettes?

We shouldn’t complain, as courgettes are my favourite seasonal vegetable. However, I think maybe we got overexcited with the number of plants we needed to feed two of us as it turns out we have courgettes coming out of our ears.

We’ve had them in stir frys, as a side of veg with almost any and every dinner and also had courgette in place of pasta in lasagne and spaghetti bolognese. However, we found a new way to use courgettes this week – courgette soup. I wasn’t sure about it to begin with, I’m not going to lie, but we had so many courgettes left over that I thought we should at least give it a go.

And it turns out it’s a super tasty, refreshing summer soup! And really easy to make!

First, we chopped up the courgettes and cooked these over a low heat with some chopped onion and garlic and a bit of salt and pepper. We used all sorts of courgettes, Midnight, Eight Ball and Piccolo.

We then added some vegetable stock and reduced it down for about 15 minutes. After this, we blended it and added a big dollop of yoghurt and a handful of chopped fresh mint. We’ll definitely be having this again!

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