Christmas tidy up!

At this time of year, there isn’t half as much going on in the garden as during the spring and summer months. The cold/wet/windy (or all three at the same time!) weather can also be a bit of a block to getting outside! However, hopefully it won’t be too long before the weather warms up again, especially as we are now past the point of the shortest day (although it doesn’t feel like it just yet!)

However, there are still a few bits and pieces of tidying up that needed doing which we hadn’t got round to until now. As you can see, the cucumber plants have well and truly died back, literally a skeleton of their former selves!

The same could be said of the courgettes…which looked very sorry for themselves indeed!

Therefore, we have now tidied this lot up, cutting the courgette and cucumber plants down from their supports and putting them on the compost heap. We also took down the framework that we had been growing the courgettes up so we could remove the pots and empty the compost out.

The pots were tipped out onto the garden and will be dug in over the winter to top up the soil consistency in our main beds.

And here’s the finished product! We’ve left the cucumber batons where they are attached to the fence as they won’t impact anything else and we could get the pots out without disturbing the batons.

Although the tidying up part isn’t the most inspiring part of growing your own veg, it certainly needs doing. And it’s weirdly satisfying once you’ve finished!

We hope everyone managed to enjoy their Christmas as much as was possible for 2020. Most of our followers (especially those in the UK!) were probably in a very similar situation to us here in Essex, i.e. Tier 4 COVID-19 restrictions meaning, amongst other things, no mixing of households. Therefore, a slightly different Christmas to the one we’d imagined, but we’ve all tried to make the most of it all the same.

In fact, this year’s global pandemic has spurred us on to think more widely about self-sufficiency from a veg perspective. And really trying to maximise our harvest given the space we have available. More on this to come, and onwards and upwards to 2021!

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  1. Tidying up can be very satisfying. It’s basically the first step in preparing for the next season, that clean slate. And, if you don’t do it, it seems to take twice as long in the busyness of those first nice spring days. Good advice, so thanks for sharing.

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