Snow covered

We don’t often get too much snow in the South of England, but we were lucky enough to experience some this year. In fact, it was probably the best snow I remember having for a while, largely because the national lockdown meant we could all stay inside in the warm and enjoy the snow rather than having to brave public transport to try and get to/from work.

It’s hard to tell exactly how much snow we got, but it was definitely a few inches over the space of a couple of days, and due to the cold temperatures, it hung around for about a week afterwards. This is a photo of our back garden covered in snow, taken as it had just started to melt.

Although the onions we had planted are hardy, we’re not sure they enjoyed their week under snow all that much. Luckily, the snow has melted now, and they are gradually up righting themselves after a week of being squashed by the frozen snow. As you can see, when the weather is right, they’ve got quite a nice little sunny spot where we have them located. So fingers crossed for a good crop later in the summer.

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