A colourful update

As there’s not much growing at this time of the year, we thought we’d provide a quick update on something that we’re growing that is loving the colder weather!

Our primroses certainly don’t seem to be affected by the colder weather (albeit I’m not sure they have loved being covered in the snow that they have been covered in for the past few days!)

And it seems like we have a variety of colours too. It’s always a bit hit and miss when you plant flowers out, but it looks like we did some good guess work in this case!

These are in pots outside our front door and add a lovely bit of colour to the front of the house as you walk past.

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  1. I do love primroses. It was always interesting to me when I grew hundreds at a time for sale at my farm, that the yellow ones bloomed first, then the pink, then the red, the purple, and lastly the white and orange. They were always the first plants to bloom in the coldframe, followed shortly by the violas and pansies. Sometimes I miss those days.

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