Courgette progress

Courgettes are extremely fast growing compared to lots of other vegetable plants. Don’t get me wrong, it’ll still be a fair while before we have any courgettes to eat, but you can really see the difference in the size of the plant itself week-on-week.

This is a quick photo showing how much the Midnight seedlings have grown since last week. As you can see, their initial leaves are now fully formed and they are starting to sprout their first true leaves. When seeds first germinate, most have a pair of “seed leaves” or cotyledons. For courgettes, these are the larger, oval leaves you can see in the photo.

Cotyledons help supply nutrients to the plant embryo as it is germinating. Once the seed is germinated, it starts to form its true leaves which are usually a completely different shape to the seed leaves. Very interesting! The plant then relies on its true leaves to continue with the photosynthesis process during its lifetime.

The rest of the courgettes are also happy with their new pots and are growing away nicely. We are keeping the compost moist, but they don’t need anything else right now. That is, apart from some warmth! Courgettes don’t like the frost, so they are being kept under glass for now whilst the temperature is still fluctuating and there is a risk of frost.

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