Project greenhouse update

We made a fair bit of progress on the greenhouse front last weekend.

Firstly, we worked out where we were going to put it in the garden. Then we needed to fix the base in place.

There were a few steps to this, the first of which was to tighten the nuts and bolts so that the base was held securely together and attached to the legs that will be sunk in the ground to keep it in place. Once we’d done this, we had to “square” the greenhouse, to make sure that the base would be the correct shape when it came to attaching the greenhouse to the top of it!

We then had to level off the soil under the base so that it sits level. Unfortunately our garden isn’t perfectly flat, so there was a bit of digging out to do to level it out.

Next, we needed to concrete the posts in to keep the base in place once it has the greenhouse on top of it. First, we dug a hole around each leg/post that we would fill with concrete once ready.

Next up, we filled each hole with concrete. We used fast drying post crete for ease, as you don’t have to pre-mix this before putting it in the hole, so there’s less mess!

And here’s the finished product!

Last up, we double checked that the base was still level, and square. To check whether the base was still square, we measured the length between equal and opposite points on the base as shown, i.e. from one point on one of the longest sides to the same point on the opposite long side. You could do the same by measuring from short-to-short side.

Once you’ve measured the points on one corner, you have to do the same on the other corner. Where the measurements are the same, the base is square (which luckily it was!) Otherwise, you have to re-adjust the base until the measurements are equal.

We used a spirit level to ensure the base was level. You can see in the right hand side photo that we managed to get it pretty level too!

Whilst the base was drying off, we also gave the greenhouse a bit of a clean off, as it had lots of moss etc. on the frame.

We started off with buckets with warm soapy water in and a stiff brush. However, some of the moss was more persistent than we would’ve liked. Luckily, our kind neighbour took pity on us and lent us her jet washer. Apart from being super fun to use, it did a great job on the tough moss that had been growing in the frame for years!

And this is how it looked before we cleaned it up! You can see that there’s quite a bit of stubborn moss, especially on the roof.

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