Coriander and tarragon are the first to show

Within a week of sowing, both the coriander and tarragon had started to germinate and were ready to take off the propagator.

Just like the seeds, the tarragon seedlings have come through and are absolutely tiny. Hopefully you can the couple that have germinated in the photo below, but you might need a magnifying glass!

The tarragon seeds/seedlings are strange really, as looking at the plant, you’d think they’d start from something a bit sturdier!

These have been taken off the propagator so that we can prick them out and the seedlings can benefit from the light. Where there are a few more seeds left to come through, we usually try and prick out the ones that we can very carefully and then pop the seed tray back on the propagator to see if any more seedlings come through in a few days.

Hopefully the rest of the herbs we sowed will be up soon enough, but no signs yet, so that’ll have to wait until a later post.

2 thoughts on “Coriander and tarragon are the first to show

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    1. Thanks Mal! We are actually growing Mexican Tarragon haha! Although we would usually grow French Tarragon as we understand it has a better flavour than its Russian counterpart.


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