Sugar snap peas 2021

We don’t have anywhere set up to grow sugar snap peas yet. However, Dad got some started for us, and luckily the lockdown restrictions have been lifted enough here in Essex now that we are able to go and visit other private gardens, so I could plant them out!

We intend to grow them in a very similar way to last year, up a piece of wire mesh, with the pea plants planted out 4-6″ apart on both sides of the wire mesh.

We have then covered them over with a bit of bird netting to avoid the antics of any pesky pigeons that might take a fancy to the tender young shoots!

After planting, we watered the plants with a solution of liquid seaweed to get them started in their new growing place.

We’ll keep an eye on the plants over the next couple of weeks to make sure they are not drying out too much. We’ll also check as they start growing that they don’t get their tendrils caught in the netting as then it can get messy!

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