Pricking out our pak choi

After sowing the pak choi seeds a week or so ago, they were ready to prick out. They started poking through (as you can see from the photo) after just a couple of days.

And it doesn’t take them long to get their first set of leaves! We probably should’ve done a slightly better job of rotating the seed tray in the bay window in our lounge than we did because as you can see from this photo, they are all leaning one way – towards the window and away from the room itself!

We pricked each seedling out into a 3″ pot filled with multipurpose compost. When filling the pots, we gently firmed the compost in before giving the pots a light water before pricking out the seedlings.

We then dibbered a hole large enough to carefully feed each set of roots in to. It’s worth bearing in mind that the seedlings are likely to have a bigger root system than you would imagine they would have, only being a few days old! As you can see from the middle photo, the roots often come out with some compost attached to them too, so you will need to bear this in mind when dibbering your holes. We try to lift the seedlings out of the seed tray they germinated in without disturbing the roots at all, to give the seedlings the best chance of growing on. To do this, it is usually necessary to dig the seedlings out a little wider than you might expect to make sure you don’t break off the roots where possible. We also always try to hold the seedlings by the leaves too, rather than the stem. As the stem can be very delicate.

And this is the finished product, ready to be grown on in their pots until they are ready to plant out.

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