The greenhouse is completed!

It’s taken a few weeks and a number of steps, but it was all worth it! The greenhouse is fully glazed and ready to go.

Before we could glaze it, we put some 5mm glazing foam on the aluminium frame to cushion the glass once in place.

The door runners are a bit worn, so we’ve also ordered some new ones on Amazon and hope they will do the trick. Otherwise, it’s pretty much as good as new.

After we’d finished erecting the greenhouse, we also created a framework to hold up the soil and compost in the beds we’re going to set up in there. This involved a bit of DIY from all of us!

Chris was on measuring and sawing duty, and me and Dad fixed it all together with the screws and drill!

After we’d fixed it together, we carefully carried it into the greenhouse and levelled it out using a spirit level. Either digging out a little soil or pushing some back under the framework as and where it needed it.

We then knocked some stakes into the ground and attached the framework to them to make sure it’s held in place.

Finally, we upcycled some spare paving slabs a family friend donated to us and have laid these down the centre as a path. We may lay them more permanently with some sand and cement at a later date, but we were just keen to get it up and running as soon as possible for this season, so they’re just laid on the levelled out soil for now.

Next up, we need to top up the beds with some top soil and compost and we can get planting!

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