Our latest batch of seeds are sown

The latest crops that we have sown are chard, chop suey greens and soya beans. We’ve grown chard before, both the orange variety, Fantasia, and the red variety, Intense. However, the chop suey greens and soya beans are new ones for us for 2021.

We sowed the chard and soya beans in small cell trays as shown. These were filled with compost, and then lightly watered to moisten the compost. As the chop suey green seeds were smaller, we sowed these in a 1/4 seed tray as usual, filling this and moistening the compost in exactly the same way.

We then sowed the seeds. One seed per cell for the soya beans and chard. For the chop suey greens, we carefully spaced the seeds out in the seed tray. We then covered all the seeds with a little more compost, after gently pushing them into the compost.

We then labelled each set of seeds and placed them in our “germination space”, i.e. the bay window in the lounge!

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