Hanging basket tomatoes

We wanted to try some tomatoes in hanging baskets this year. We’ve got to get a couple of brackets to fix them on to the house, but for now, we were going to grow them on in our greenhouse anyway, so that can wait another couple of weeks!

We’re trying something new for our hanging baskets this year. We have lined the hanging baskets with sheep’s wool. We bought a bag of this from a company called WOOL SHrED who came and gave us a talk at the Southern Branch AGM a couple of year’s ago. They are based in Horsham, Surrey. The sheep’s wool is supposed to act as a great liner as it aids water retention whilst using a by-product that would otherwise go to waste.

As the wool was in quite small pieces, we lined each hanging basket with a piece of string bag before we pushed the sheep’s wool around the edge of the hanging basket.

Next, we trimmed the string bag around the top of the hanging basket and filled it with compost, before planting the tomatoes in, two plants per basket.

We chose four different varieties: Gartenperle, Cascade, Pear drops and Tumbling Tom Yellow. We have planted one basket up with red tomatoes, and the other with yellow tomatoes. These are plants that Dad had kindly grown for us from seed, but we have taken over caring for them now – fingers crossed we’re successful!

Whilst we’re still having cold nights, we’ve hung the hanging baskets in the greenhouse to give the plants an extra bit of protection. Once they’ve settled in, we’ll start to put them outside during the day to get them acclimatised and harden them off. Then, once the colder nights have gone, we’ll move them outside to grow on.

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