An update on our new crops for 2021

We’re having varying success with our new crops for this year. The first of these, the pak choi seem to be growing away nicely in their pots, and before long we’re going to have to decide where we’re going to pot them up/plant them out.

Next up are the soya beans which are less successful. We’re not sure if we’re doing something wrong, or whether we just got a dodgy batch of seeds! There was only one seed out of 20 that germinated out of the first batch, and it looks like it won’t be much different for the second sowing! Anyone with any experience of growing them – we’d be keen to hear from you!

Lastly, we’ve got the chop suey greens which also seem to be coming along well. Again, these should be alright where they are for a couple more weeks but will then need potting up or planting out.

We always find that it’s great fun to try out new things. It’s just so interesting to watch how different plants grow from their seeds to harvest time.

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