Tomato ketch-up

Our tomatoes that are outside are doing well so far, and most have formed a couple of trusses of tomatoes already. Again, we have given these a cane for support and have been tying them up every 4-6 inches as and when they need it.

As you may be able to see from the photo, as with the canes in the greenhouse, we have also given the canes a simple support along the brick wall using a couple of eyelets and the same wire. We have then tied each cane to the length of wire for a bit of extra support.

We were also kindly gifted some more wool from Wool Shred. We have used this to make up a couple more hanging baskets of tomatoes which are doing really well so far.

Our first planting of hanging basket tomatoes have really got going now and have lots of tomatoes set, with loads more flowers left to set too. We have chosen to attach these to the concrete fence posts we have round our garden and we think they add great colour to an otherwise quite bland fence!

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