Some more activity in the greenhouse

One morning last week, I was watering the garden and I noticed that our Big Beef tomato plant was starting to lean. As I filled each can of water, I noticed that it was leaning more and more and we were at a real risk that the plant was going to completely fall over and snap.

I paused the watering to go and sort some canes out for the tomatoes in the greenhouse, which I had been meaning to do for a couple of weeks but never got to! And here are the plants with their new cane supports.

To stop the plants toppling over with the weight of their tomatoes even with the support of their canes, we’ve tied each cane to a piece of wire that we’ve run along the length of the greenhouse. As you can hopefully see from the photo, we did this by drilling a hole in the frame of the greenhouse at each end and then threading a piece of wire through and twisting it back on itself until it was taut.

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