Tending to our courgettes

As we have in prior years, we are going to try growing our courgettes vertically again this year. We’d originally placed the courgettes along the back fence behind the greenhouse, but it was starting to get a bit of a squeeze to water and tend to the plants so we had to relocate them. The below photo shows them in their new location.

You can also see one of the second batch of hanging basket tomatoes that we’ve planted up and hung on the fence posts above the courgette plants. The sheep’s wool from Wool Shred is doing a great job at ensuring the baskets are retaining their water so far, so impressed with it and pleased to be using something natural.

After carefully relocating each courgette, we pushed a stake into each pot a couple of inches away from the stalk of the courgette. We have given the stakes a bit of extra support by tying them to the fence behind to an eyelet that we screwed into the fence. This should stop the stake from falling over as it gets the weight of the plant growing up it.

We’ve then started to tie each plant up the stake every couple of inches. There’s a fine balance to be struck when doing this, between getting the plant tied up as close to the stake as possible to start training it vertically, but without snapping it off or beheading it! We find that it’s much easier as a two-person job, with one holding the courgette plant to support it and the other tying the string round the stake and the courgette stalk.

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