Our first raised bed

We now have a little raised bed, courtesy of Dad’s handy work with some spare pieces of timber.

Our first job was to dig over the ground that it was going to sit on and level the bed the best we could. We skimmed the turf off first and then dug over the soil that we found underneath. Given it’s been lawn for a number of years, it wasn’t the easiest digging, but it should only get easier from here!

We then mixed the turf back in and are hoping that this dies back over the next couple of days before we give it a another turn over and get some veg planted out in there.

We’ve got some sweetcorn, chard and soya bean plants that are desperate to be planted out, so hopefully it won’t be long before we can get them into something with a bit more space than the 3 inch pots they’re in at the moment.

Here’s how it’s looking after the first turning over of the soil.

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