Further courgette updates

There’s been quite a bit going on with our courgettes over the past week or so. Firstly, we’re harvesting lots of courgettes now. It won’t be long before we’ll be struggling to keep up with them! But I’m not complaining – courgettes are by far my favourite seasonal veg to grow and eat!!

We also gave our Midnight courgette plants a stake, in exactly the same way as we did for the other plants in a previous post. We just need to get a couple more eyelets so we can fix the stakes to the fence now.

And the courgette plants that we gave supporting stakes last week are getting accustomed to their new vertical way of life! Some are keener than others to get into the swing of things, but below is a Black Forest which is behaving the best so far.

We’ll keep tying these now as and when they need it and hopefully we’ll have plenty of courgettes throughout the rest of the summer. We give them a high nitrogen liquid feed to make sure they have enough food to do this. This is especially important as we’re growing them in containers as they can easily use up everything that’s in the original compost!

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