Putting some of the time I’m not spending commuting to good use

We’ve been a bit quiet on here for the past few months – we bought our first house last October, and a lot of our time since then has been spent doing various bits and pieces to do with the renovation of that! We won’t bore you with too much of the detail, but hope to be able to embark on a new garden project in our new home as soon as the work has all been finished and we move in.

However, with the situation as it is, we wanted to put some of the time we’re not spending commuting, etc. to good use. Hope all of our readers and their friends and families are keeping safe and well during this strange time.

Luckily we have a garden that we can spend some of our free time in in the evenings and at weekends. And with the clocks going forward on Sunday morning, the evenings are lighter and give more time for pottering around in the garden after work. So hopefully we will be back online with new articles more regularly in the coming weeks.

We sowed some Little Gem and some Iceberg lettuces a couple of weeks ago. These have now been pricked out into small cell trays (about an inch diameter) and will be grown on in these until they are ready to be planted out. They are being grown on at the moment in a cold greenhouse, to provide them with some protection as the temperature can still fluctuate quite a bit at this time of year.


We also have an update on the peppers we sowed a couple of months back.


As we mentioned back then – these are quite possibly the slowest growing vegetable you could try and grow. So if you’re looking for something to keep the kids amused whilst there’s no school, or you’re just starting out with growing and want to see what it’s like, as fun as peppers are to see once they’re ready to harvest, you need to be committed to the long haul to reap that reward!

Other things that it might be better to try are salad crops like radishes and lettuces, which are much faster growing from sowing to harvest!



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