Hanging basket strawberries

Although we mostly grow vegetables, we’ve also grown strawberries for the past couple of years. We gave you an update on our strawberry plants in the garden a couple of weeks ago, but here’s an update on what we’ve got planned for some of the runners we took off these plants last year.

Strawberries should produce runners each year, and these can be potted on to multiply your strawberry plant stock, and also create more vigorous plants again if yours are getting a bit old and tired. Refer back to our previous post on how you take runners.

These ones have been overwintering in these pots, the same pots we originally took the runners in last year. Therefore, aside from a little watering, they’re very low maintenance!


These six plants were destined for a couple of hanging baskets! We’ve never tried hanging basket strawberries before, but why not!

We filled the hanging baskets with some multipurpose compost, and then put three plants in each basket. As you can see, the strawberry plants have made a lot of roots already, so they’re probably extremely happy to have a slightly bigger run now!

Once planted up, we gave the plants a good soaking with water to settle the compost around the plants.

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We decided not to hang them up just yet, as we are still getting some quite cold wind at the moment. Therefore, we thought we’d let the plants get established before we hang them up.


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