Where have our brassicas got to?

Compared to some of the vegetables we’re growing, brassicas are much more of a long game. Although these were sown back on 22 March, they’re still not ready to harvest. Fingers crossed they are worth the wait, they usually are!

As you can see, they’re much larger than they were when we planted them out, but not starting to produce cauliflowers/broccoli just yet. As you can see in the photo, the weeds are starting to take hold, so we’ll need to get between them to weed very soon before the plants get to big to get between!

Unfortunately, they had an infestation of aphids at one point which has stunted their growth a bit. We didn’t notice, but they really took hold in the centres of the plants whilst we had that recent spell of hot weather. Luckily, they seem to have vacated now the weather has cooled down a bit, so fingers crossed the plants have got time to recover before they’re ready to produce their cauliflower/broccoli heads.

We’ve got these covered with some bird netting to stop the pigeons having a nibble! This is a close up of one of the Navona Romanesco cauliflowers, which are very tasty. So fingers crossed there are no more pests get in the way of these plants!

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