Seed sowing on a snowy day

After missing out on the snow completely the other week, much to my disgust, we were very much in the thick of it today. As we live in the South, it may not have been as much as some other parts of the UK got, but it was snow, and it settled, so that’s all that matters to me!

We were going to sow our shallots today, but didn’t fancy going out in the snow to do that, so we did some indoor gardening instead.

It’s still a bit early to start lots of things off at the moment, especially if like us, you don’t have much of a set up to be growing things on indoors. But that didn’t stop us doing our first sowing of 2021…mung beans. Another great benefit of these is that they only take a week to grow!

You don’t need too much equipment to grow them either, just the seeds, a jar, an elastic band and a piece of muslin/cotton or similar.

First things first, you have to soak the seeds overnight. So place as many seeds in the jar as you’d like to have sprouts in a week’s time, and cover with water to swell the seeds. We’ll let you know next steps in our next post…

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