Daddy (seed) day care

We haven’t managed to get ourselves set up with much by way of gardening equipment at the new house yet. We haven’t even decided what we’d like to do with the garden to put our own print on it, let alone decided whther we might like to have/where we might like to put more permanent features like a greenhouse, coldframe, etc.

In fact, I have a feeling we might be growing quite a lot in pots and containers this year. However, there are still lots of choices when it comes to container growing (as we’ve shown in some of our posts in the past) so it’s exciting to be starting a new year all the same!

The one downside of having quite a limited set up at the moment is that it’s hard to start seeds off as early in the year as we don’t have anywhere to propagate or grow them on at the moment. Which is where having a green fingered Dad comes in very handy

Even though the current lockdown means we aren’t able to even go and sow the seeds ourselves unfortunately, I learnt pretty much all I know about growing from my Dad, so we know that the seeds he’s sowing for us are in extremely safe hands.

And the wonders of modern technology mean we can get constant updates of how things are doing.

So far, we’ve got some aubergines and peppers on the go. As always, we’ve got some varieties which are ones we’ve grown before and thought were great. Others are new ones that we’re trying this year. We’re trying the following out for 2021:

  • Aubergine: Kermit – a new one for us this year, which should produce small, green, circular aubergines
  • Sweet pepper: D’Asti Giallo – this is a lovely yellow bell pepper we tried for the first time last year
  • Sweet pepper: Snackbite – we’ve grown the orange variety for the past couple of years. But we’re now trying yellow and red ones too!
  • Sweet pepper: King of the North – a new one for us this year that promises red bell peppers to go with our yellow ones from last year
  • Sweet pepper: Trinidad Perfume – another new one for us in 2020 that produces small yellow peppers which look like chillies but are as mild as a sweet pepper!
  • Sweet pepper: Boiro – this is a new variety, but of a type we have grown before – padrons! Last time around, the variety we grew was a bit hit and miss in terms of being mild or hot depending on what day of the week it was it seemed! This variety alleges that it’s been bred to just produce the mild peppers that you can fry and eat as tapas though, so fingers crossed!
  • Chilli pepper: Orange Skinny Hot – another new variety for 2021, but hopefully does as it says on the tin
  • Chilli pepper: Basket of Fire – a firm favourite for its colourfulness in 2020 has made it into our 2021 sowing list

These were sown a couple of weeks ago in the usual way. The seeds were sown in quarter seed trays in slightly moistened Seed and Modular compost, gently pushing the seeds into the top of the compost before covering with vermiculite to exclude the light.

They were then put on the propagator to germinate, which didn’t take too long at all!

After they germinated, they were pricked out into small cell trays as shown where they will be grown on until they are ready to be potted up.

For those of you who haven’t read our method of sowing seeds, we’ll do a more in-depth update in a couple of weeks hopefully. We’ve also been planning the other vegetables we’d like to grow this year, so more about our growing plans for 2021 in due course!

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