Some more progress with the greenhouse

Now we’d cleaned the greenhouse frame up, we dismantled it to transport it round the side of the house and into the back garden. Needless to say, what we thought was going to be a quick job in theory really wasn’t, and involved various different methods to try and get the nuts and bolts loose so that it would come apart!

We got there in the end though, and managed to get it round into the back garden and fixed on to its base!

We also did another couple of bits of preparation whilst we were at it. Firstly, we dug over the initial beds we intend to have round three sides of the greenhouse. Although we will most likely grow most things in there in raised beds or pots, we find that it’s great to have some soil that plants can get their roots in to under the pot as opposed to a hard standing floor.

The soil needs a bit more work as you can see, but it’s a start nonetheless! We’re also hoping to put a paving slab path through the centre, but that’ll come another day!

Lastly, we moved the louvre that was in the side of the greenhouse. Where it was, it was going to be up against the wall we have running down the side of the garden. Therefore, we thought it wouldn’t be as effective for air flow purposes which is what it’s designed for.

Therefore, after a bit of WD40 and some gentle tapping with a hammer to loosen the mechanisms, we had a working louvre again! Then it was quite simple to undo the nuts and bolts which were attaching it to the frame and moved it to the rear of the greenhouse. That way, the air flow should be quite good and we have the option to have the louvre and door open if we need to to draw the air through.

And here it is in its new spot!

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