Easter seed sowing

We managed to make some time (between eating chocolate eggs and lots of other home baked goodies!) to do some gardening on Easter Sunday.

This time, it was sowing some more courgettes, and sowing our first cucumbers of the season. The varieties we’ve gone for are:

  • Piccolo – an round/oval shaped green striped courgette. They remind me of plump little marrows in the photos online, so wanted to give them a try.
  • Black Forest – another new courgette variety to us, but one bred especially for containers and growing up trellis or a fence. We’re looking forward to seeing how it compares to our usual container variety, Midnight.
  • Eight Ball – another round courgette, but this one is pretty circular, and completely dark green.
  • Astia – another new container courgette variety to try and rival Midnight!
  • Salt and Pepper – an interesting cucumber variety we were sent some seeds for to try by a gardening friend. The plants are supposed to produce small, squat cucumbers with a pale yellow skin.
  • Striped Armenian – a striped cucumber that also looks a bit like a marrow, with light and dark green thin stripes. Another variety that we were sent by the same gardening friend to give a try.

We prepared the 1/4 seed trays like usual, filling them with Seed & Potting compost and gently watering each tray to moisten the compost. As courgette and cucumber seeds are quite large (compared to many other seeds), we didn’t firm down the compost this time as the seeds should be able to cope without. It doesn’t matter if you do want to gently firm the compost though, it equally shouldn’t do any harm if you are worried that there might be air gaps in it.

Next up, we sowed each variety in the seed trays, placing the seeds on their side. We find that this helps them to establish their root and leaves more easily as these tend to grow out of either end of the seed.

Last up, we covered each seed with a pinch of vermiculite to exclude the light whilst they germinate and the seed trays have gone on Dad’s propagator to get going.

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