Planting out our container courgettes

Our early sowing of Midnight courgettes were ready to plant out into their pots last weekend. As our greenhouse is still not fully erected, they are staying at my parent’s house in the polytunnel to protect them from the colder weather. Which is lucky, as we’ve had some cold nights this week!

We planted them out into c.30 litre pots. To give the pots some weight, we filled the bottom third with some garden soil. We then topped up the pot to the top with multipurpose compost.

We then planted one courgette per pot, and gently watered them in to settle the compost in around the plants. As you can see from the photo, they had a good root structure in their existing pots, and were definitely ready to move on to their larger ones

These will need to stay indoors until we can guarantee that the nights won’t get too cold. They certainly aren’t ready for a frost! In the meantime, we’ll keep them watered to make sure the compost doesn’t dry out.

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