Pak choi and sunflowers

We’re also trying another new vegetable for 2021, pak choi. We really like the ones we buy in the supermarket with stir fry and Asian curries, so we thought we’d give growing some a go.

The seeds look just like other cauliflowers and cabbages we’ve grown, which is not a surprise seeing as they are also a brassica.

We filled our 1/4 seed tray as usual with Seed & Potting compost and then watered this to moisten the compost. We then spaced the seeds out in the seed tray, and gently pushed them into the compost (as you can hopefully see in the photo).

We then covered each seed over with a little bit of compost. We would usually cover seeds with vermiculite, but a fine covering of compost should also do the job. A seed label can come in handy to move seeds around the seed tray where you accidentally drop a couple right next to each other, but also to gently push the seeds into the compost and cover with a little compost to exclude the light whilst they germinate.

You can do all of this with your fingers, but we tend to find that the moist compost once on your fingers means that the seeds can stick to it when you don’t want them to, and not stick when you want to pick one up and move it! Whereas the seed label does a great job!

We did the sunflowers in a similar way, but have decided to sow these in cell trays to start growing. When filling pots and cell trays, we always make sure we are gently firming the soil down as we fill them. Here, by gently pushing my fingers into each cell to settle the compost.

Each seed was then placed in a cell and gently pushed down into the compost before covering each seed with some of the compost.

Both of these now have pride of place in our front bay window – as we don’t have anywhere else at the moment. And neither needs a propagator, so we can give these ones a go ourselves!

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