Herb update

The herbs are mostly pricked out now into cell trays and are also growing on in Dad’s polytunnel. Below are a few photos of the various sorts we’ve got growing.

These plants will stay in these cell trays until they are ready to plant outside. Although the cells are not very big, these herbs are quite hardy so can go outside when they are still quite small.

It is especially important to monitor the watering situation with plants in small cell trays though, as they can dry out surprisingly quickly!

As well as the herbs we are growing from seed, we also potted up some mint last weekend to get some re-invigorated plants for this year. Even though Mint is a perennial, we find that taking a cutting and re-potting it to start a new plant each year is more productive than growing the same plant year-on-year.

To do this, we wait until last year’s plants start to re-grow, and then take some shoots and re-pot these. To do this, we make sure to pull shoots that still have some roots intact, to get them going faster. Alternatively, you could take the cuttings and put them in some water to produce roots.

Once you’ve got your shoots, these can be popped into a pot by dibbering a hole with your fingers and pushing each stem in. These can then be watered in to settle the compost around the shoots.

For these ones, we put 6 shoots into a pot that is roughly 6″ diameter.

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