Progress on the vegetables we have growing outside

We’ve got a variety of veg already growing in containers out in the back garden.

First up, we have the Falco turnips which took less than a week to germinate! The spacing I did with the seeds doesn’t look too bad so far, but only time will tell as more of the seeds germinate!

The Paris Market Atlas carrots are taking a bit longer. It was three weeks after sowing until they germinated. That being said, it typically takes 2-3 weeks for carrots to germinate, but I think we’re on the longer side of that due to the colder weather they’ve had to endure!

To try and help them out, we did cover with a piece of clingfilm a few days ago, to effectively make a little greenhouse for them. And it seems to have worked as one or two have emerged since!

Last but not least are the Little Gem lettuce and Hative de Niort shallots which are both growing on well.

As we’re starting to get some sunnier days, we’re having to keep an eye on the watering situation. We want to make sure we keep the compost moist at all times, as rehydrating compost that has dried out is a real nightmare!

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