Sowing some more container crops

This weekend, we sowed some more seeds in containers. This time, it was Solo and Golden Eye beetroot, the first being regular red beetroot, and the other a yellow coloured beetroot – a new variety for us this year.

We also sowed some Mixed Leaf lettuce, Bulls Blood beet leaves, Flyaway carrots and Rougette radishes.

Firstly, we filled the containers with multipurpose compost, and then moistened the compost before sowing the seeds.

We spaced the seeds out the best we could, gently pushing each of the seeds into the compost. We then covered the seeds with a fine layer of compost.

And here they are – hanging out with our other crops on the patio!

As well as the above, we had to re-sow the soya beans. Unfortunately, the last batch weren’t too successful. We’re not sure what it was, but most of the seeds rotted off and the rest didn’t move at all! We think it might’ve been a combination of us wetting the compost too much when we sowed them, and then letting them get too cold as they were trying to germinate. We had some spare seeds, so here we are, giving them another go.

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