The greenhouse is filling up!

Last weekend, we filled the beds in the greenhouse with some top soil. We can now grow vegetables direct in the beds, or most likely, in containers that we stand on top of the soil in the beds. We’ll make sure that the pots have holes in the bottom though, both for drainage, and also so the plants can send their roots out of the pots and into the soil beds beneath.

We’ve got quite a few crops in the greenhouse now. We’ve for the Midnight courgettes that we planted out in their pots the other week and kept in Dad’s polytunnel until the greenhouse was up and running. The Mimi tomatoes are also happy enough in their new pots and have almost doubled in size in a week!

Last but not least are some of our smaller seedlings. First up is the pak choi which we pricked out the other week and have been keeping in our porch whilst we finished the greenhouse off. However, we’ve now moved the seedlings out into the greenhouse to grow on.

Then we have the sunflowers which we potted up into 3″ pots at the weekend.

Last but not least, there’s the chop suey greens which we pricked out into cell trays at the weekend too after they germinated within a week of sowing.

As well as the plants we’ve been looking after, we also collected the veg plants that Dad’s been growing for us last weekend. This included various varieties of tomatoes, peppers, chillies and aubergines. We’ll do a further update on these in due course including the various varieties we’re trying this year and how we intend to grow them.

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