Planting up the herb garden(s)

Whilst I was still living at home, we’ve always had a herb garden. Last weekend, it was time to plant out the herbs we’ve been growing from seed. This year, we’ve gone for: Italian parsley, parsley, chives, tarragon, coriander and lovage. These have been growing in small cell trays since they were pricked out, and we’ve now planted them out into their final containers.

In addition to the herbs we’ve grown from seed this year, we also spruced up the perennial herbs we’re growing. This includes sage, pineapple sage, apple mint, peppermint, garden mint and oregano. Each yeah, we trim the sage and oregano and then split the plants up and re-pot them in new compost.

When it comes to the mint, we took cuttings a few weeks ago which have now grown on. We find that this creates a more vigorous plant than keeping the same one in the pot year-on-year.

As well as planting up the herb garden back at Mum and Dad’s, we also started our own herb garden! We used some of the left over plants and also some of the plants that we split up and have created a nice little herb garden of our own.

Fingers crossed these will get going before long and we’ll have a luscious herb garden to put in our recipes!

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