Reinvigorating the mint

We're getting ready to re-plant the herb garden for 2020. And this post focuses on the mint. Although mint is a perennial plant, we find that it grows with more vigour if you take cuttings each year and re-grow it. We have three types of mint: ordinary garden mint, apple mint and black peppermint. First,... Continue Reading →

Preparing the herb garden for 2020

Some herbs are perennials (grow again year after year), but lots of the ones that we grow are annuals (you need to re-grow them every year). These are some of the herbs we have sown for this year: garlic chives, italian parsley, chives and tarragon. We also have sage and thyme which have overwintered and... Continue Reading →

Too many cucamelons left us in a pickle!

After a slow start and us questioning whether any would ever appear, we ended up with far too many cucamelons! Having never grown them before, we weren't sure what to do with them - but our Instagram followers came to our rescue! Apparently pickled cucamelon is very popular both here and in the US! And... Continue Reading →

Making use of the abundance of herbs

We don't know about everyone else, but vegetables seem to come like buses. At times you don't have very many, and then they all seem to come at once! This is exactly what's happening with our herbs at the moment. They have all really got going, but we can't eat them fast enough! And unfortunately,... Continue Reading →

Topping up the herb garden

Lots of the herbs have already been planted out, for example mint, parsley, sage, lovage, chives and tarragon. These were started off from seed earlier in the year (around March time) and were planted out towards the middle of May. However, a couple of herbs we grow don't take as long to grow, and tend... Continue Reading →

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