Potting up our tomatoes

Last weekend, it was time to pot up some of our tomatoes. Dad has been looking after these for us from when they were sown as seeds until now, as they needed to be started off before our greenhouse was up and running.

Tomatoes grow quite successfully in pots we’ve found in the past, so we filled a few with multipurpose compost after putting some soil in the bottom. This is for two reasons: to give the pots a bit of weight so they don’t fall over in the wind but we also think it makes the tomatoes taste better if their roots get into some “proper” soil. You’re looking for at least a 10 litre pot to grow a tomato in ideally.

This is a couple of the tomato plants potted up. When potting up tomatoes, we pinch off the bottom set of leaves (sometimes two sets!) so that the stems are not so long once they are potted up. This cane help produce a stronger, sturdier plant. We then pot up the tomato burying the stem down to roughly the first leaf that we have left.

The tomatoes don’t mind this sort of treatment, as roots will spring out of the stem that has been buried.

After this, we popped the plants back in the greenhouse to grow on a bit before putting them outside, and gave them some water to settle the plants in.

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