Planting out our cucumbers

We are trying a couple of new varieties of cucumbers this year, Salt and Pepper and Striped Armenian. Last weekend, it was time to plant them out in the greenhouse. We’ve put them in the corners of the greenhouse as you can see below.

We planted them out in bottomless pots which we pushed into the soil bed which we’ve set up round the edge of the greenhouse.

We didn’t have any bottomless pots, so we carefully removed the bottoms from a couple of pots with a stanley knife.

Cucumbers can be funny things, and they don’t really like too much moisture around their stems. Therefore, we planted them out in multipurpose compost and then heaped a little compost up round the stem to create a small mound. We then try and water the plants around the moat round the edge, rather than over the leaves or too close to the stem. There’s no guarantee it’ll work as they can still be quite temperamental, but we’ve got to try!

And this is how they look a week on!

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