Sowing basil

Basil and Dill don’t take as long to grow as the other herbs, therefore they didn’t need sowing as early on. However, we sowed some last weekend.

We filled a couple of 10 litre pots with multipurpose compost, then sprinkled a thin layer of Seed and Potting compost on top as it’s finer and basil seeds are quite small.

We then did our best to space the seeds around in the pot before covering with vermiculite.

We did one pot with half green and half red basil, and this is where it’s at a week after sowing! All we’ve done is watered the pot with a fine rose watering can to stop the compost from drying out. It’s important to try and use a fine rose watering can where you can for seed sowing, especially smaller seeds, as otherwise you can wash them all around the pot before they germinate. And then all your spacing was for nothing!

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