This weekend’s potting up

We had one container courgette left to pot up last weekend, a Black Forest. We did the others last weekend, but we ran out of pots that were large enough! Luckily, Dad came to the rescue and lent us another one!

In addition to this sowing of courgettes, we also did an earlier sowing and these two plants are starting to produce courgettes now! They’re still not producing full sized courgettes just yet, but we’re getting a few little courgettes off now which is lovely. We had our first feed last week and I’d forgotten just how nice homegrown courgettes are!

As well as the courgettes, we also potted up our peppers. We’ve got all sorts of varieties:

  • Boiron – a padron type pepper
  • Snackbite (yellow, orange and red varieties) – a small sweet pepper
  • D’Asti Giallo – a yellow bell pepper
  • Redskin – a red bell pepper
  • Basket of Fire – a multi-coloured chilli pepper
  • Orange Skinny Hot – hopefully you get the gist with that one!
  • Trinindad Perfume – a lovely little yellow sweet pepper

We potted these up in multipurpose compost in 10 litre pots. These are now back in the greenhouse to grow on. We will keep them watered and a liquid high nitrogen feed every couple of days.

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